A step change in recording and reporting trauma care.

Developed nationally by the four major trauma centres in NHS Scotland, the Major Trauma App is an iPad application that captures major trauma cases digitally and in real time, fully replacing existing paper trauma booklets.

Nationally designed by clinicians, for clinicians

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Based on ATLS protocol and designed in collaboration with trauma clinicians from NHS Scotland/England.


Highly granular timeline of data points generated in real time by the scribe or user.

Rapid input

Quicker and more accurate data input than existing paper forms.

Automated reporting

Automated reporting to reducing post case clinical paperwork.

“The trauma app makes it much, much easier to document everything that nursing staff particularly need to know. And then obviously, if you're moving the patient on, it's much easier just to collate that information and hand it over to the next set of staff.”

Leanne KennedyNurse Educator, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde

“It's very easy to actually engage with and to use.”

Dr Kevin ThomsonConsultant Emergency Medicine, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde

“As health care professionals, we're always looking to strive for excellence in what we do. And I think the more places that we get on board with using the Trauma App, the better.”

Nicola BaxterSenior Charge Nurse, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde

“Because the Trauma App is on the AppStore, people can just download and play with it, and for actual emergency physicians who are used to delivering trauma care it’s intuitive because it flows through care in the same way as we’ve been trained as junior doctors.”

Prof David LoweConsultant Emergency Medicine, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
Seamless integration

Integrates into existing clinical practice

From the outset we set out to create a solution that could be used within existing clinical practice. We worked with clinicians and trauma scribes to build an application that seamlessly replaces existing paper trauma booklets. Use in hospitals in Scotland has shown us that scribes can easily transition from paper through light simulation and practice on recorded scenarios.

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More, and better

Improved quantity and quality of documentation

Clinicians have worked hard to clinically map the 34 key interventions performed in trauma, helping scribes quickly and easily enter critical data points.

The app also has full support for:

  • Imaging management
  • Point of care tests
  • Lab requests and key results
  • Prescriptions (drugs, blood, fluids and ventilation) 
  • Patient managements (personal details, movements, next of kin, disposition)
  • Team management (present and activities in the room)
  • ED discharge
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Paper to tablet familiarity

Skeuomorphic design with international standards

Designed to mimic existing paper documentation practice, making the app immediately familiar. For example, physiology can be captured on a standard NEWS2 chart and injuries painted freehand onto body illustrations. Internationally recognised standards are adopted throughout from ATLS, ATMIST, SAMPLE, NEWS2 and ASIA.

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And so much more

A unique partnership

The Trauma App has been co-designed by trauma consultants and scribes for the four Major Trauma Centres in Scotland, with additional oversight from England, Wales and the US. It integrates seamlessly into existing clinical practice, with scribes switching from paper to an iPad.

An Edinburgh-based digital communications and software agency with a track record of delivering brand, design, film and software in healthcare.

A Steering Group with representatives from Scotland’s four Major Trauma Centres, together ensuring the final product is fit for adoption in their centres.

A group of clinicians at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow focussing on innovations and Quality Improvement within healthcare.

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