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Project inception – clinician perspective

11 Jan 2019

Despite the enormous pressures that Emergency Departments face across the UK, there is still the odd morning when we have some ‘downtime’.  On one of these rare occasions, around two years ago, three Emergency Medicine consultants sat in the resuscitation room of a very large, new, hospital in the West of Scotland and chatted.  The conversation quickly moved to the topic of trauma, and the challenges of high quality, time accurate documentation in trauma cases.  We decided there and then that we felt an app that allowed not only time stamped clinical information to be recorded, but also prompted us on clinical decision making would be a very welcome addition in our practice.

After searching extensively for such a tool, and confirming that there was nothing out there to fill this role, we quickly reconvened and decide there and then that we were the guys to develop this app. Looking back, wow, what a naive, and uninformed, but exciting decision that was.  Clearly, despite enormous clinical knowledge and expertise, none of us were app developers.  We reached out to a great group of guys in Edinburgh, Daysix, and so a fantastic collaboration began.

Merging the worlds of medicine and tech never struck me as being anywhere near as complicated or onerous as this journey has been.  The realms of medical device licensing, the impact of Brexit, the complexities of coding, the spectre of intellectual property rights, the role of innovation in the NHS are all hurdles that we have jumped together and that no doubt the subsequent blogs will describe.

But the mission statement of this project has been from the outset, if we can’t do this, who can, so let’s put our heads together and solve the problems one at a time.