An exciting roadmap

We are constantly reviewing development priorities and scheduling work based on user feedback. Take a look at what we’ve done and what we’re planning to do.

Road map

Current development tasks

  • Cardiac arrest clinical workflow
  • Improved team interface


Identified next development tasks

  • Improved time input
  • App walkthrough at splash screen


Future features we intend to deliver

  • KPIs
  • Pre-hospital version of the app


Release History

November 3, 2022


  • Cardiac Arrest workflow
  • Each Cardiac Arrest has multiple cycles with times, rhythms, and lists of related items
  • The in-app Report and the PDF list all arrests and their details
  • ‘O-Positive’ option on the Blood unit form
  • Search bar on the Medications list
  • Improved search bar on the global menu to allow partial searches and alternate names
  • Clearer date labels on the Report and PDF
  • Fix: Empty Location on the Lateral Canthotomy form no longer causes issues.
September 1, 2022


  • Fix: “Pre Hospital” value for Time Major Haemorrhage Activated no longer causes issues with signing off a case.


August 15, 2022


  • Outcome (Discharge) with a time required at case sign off
  • “Disposition Unknown” option available for final discharge
  • Fix 1: Keypad number input no longer causes issues when +/- buttons are pressed rapidly
July 21, 2022


  • Additional Blade Size options on RSI
  • Clearer subtitles for Device options on RSI
  • Searchable devices and equipment on the global menu
  • Simple toggle for Crystalloid on Standby and Handover
  • Option popover for C-Spine Protection on Standby and Handover
  • Fix 1: Blood Pressure input no longer crashes with undefined values
  • Fix 2: Blood Pressure input no longer allows values outside the max range
June 29, 2022


  • Additional Identifiers field on the Patient form for extra information about the patient
  • Additional Identifiers text under the patient name on the PDF report
  • Clearer and more prominent Note sections on the PDF report
  • Increased text size on the Primary Survey table in the PDF report
  • Improved error handling and display at user login
May 31, 2022


  • Create paediatric cases on relevant Sites
  • Various paediatric-only features including Age in months, PEWS charts, Child Protection and Family forms, Blood volume, and more
  • Edit and re-upload new versions of a case which has already been signed off
  • View case version history with revision notes on the PDF
  • Enter cases with a ‘View Only’ mode
  • Reinstate previously deleted cases
  • Multiple new permissions available on the web dashboard to allow users to view / edit cases, sign off cases, reopen cases, reinstate deleted cases, and manage extended user permissions
  • Dropdown header banner with full patient details
  • Additional patient information on list items on the Cases screen (e.g. Name, DOB)
  • Drug lists separated into Administered and Not Administered, with full time and infusion details
  • Patient details locked after lookup (can be cleared if needed)
  • Watermark on the PDF for test cases
  • No default times set in new forms
  • “Prescriptions” renamed to “Medications”
  • Site permission request form for new users
  • Site options to determine labels and text validation for primary and/or secondary patient IDs
  • Abdominal Bruising on Primary Survey
  • “None” option for Damage on injuries
  • Max value of 15 (rather than 10) for K+
  • Tier of Trauma Team Activation displayed in Report
  • Note sections for all list items in Report
  • Mechanism Details and Events Leading moved above table in Report
  • Improved login error displays
  • Fix 1: Team form can now handle duplicate Reg Numbers
  • Fix 2: Users can now change Sites if there are un-synced cases
  • Fix 3: Injury interventions are now displayed underneath their related injury on the PDF
  • Fix 4: Decimals now display correctly when using the + or – buttons on number popups
  • Fix 5: “Left Knee” can now be selected correctly for Body Site on the Cannula form
  • Fix 6: Update Infusion Duration or Start Time now correctly updates End Time in Blood Unit forms
January 21, 2022


  • Toggle between GCS and ACVPU vitals
  • Protocol option on the ROTEM form for A5 or A10 chart ranges
  • Header banner with current time, patient name, National Patient ID, and bay / room
  • Warning banner for cases on simulation sites
  • Warning text when signing off cases on live sites
  • Updated Hb ranges on Blood Gases and Lab Results
  • 50mL increments on Dose for Normal Saline 0.9%
  • Ventilator Settings on Primary Survey A and B
  • Removed analytics option on Terms and Conditions and added website link
  • Fix 1: Report and PDF now show full details for Fracture and Gunshot injuries
  • Fix 2: Injury popup no longer falls off screen on Secondary Survey if the injuries list is long
December 17, 2021


  • Paracetamol option in Analgesia at Standby / Handover
  • Weight number data point with “Estimated” / “Actual” toggle on Standby / Handover
  • “CK” option in Biochemistry on Lab Requests
  • CK and INR result data points on Lab Results
  • TallMan lettering for all prescription names
  • Warning popup if more than one patient in the Cases list has the same National Patient Identifier
  • Ultrasound displayed in both Imaging and POC Test lists
  • Fix 1: Notes now appear for Imaging and Interventions on the in-app Report
  • Fix 2: Keypads flash red if an invalid 0 value is entered
  • Fix 3: NEWS2 chart now allows 0/0 values for Blood Pressure
December 7, 2021


  • Scribe data point on the Patient form
  • Mechanism Details text on the PDF
  • Added Hypertonic Saline 2.7% prescription
  • Min value decreased from -12 to -40 on Base Excess in the Blood Gases form
  • “>128” option added to H+ in the Blood Gases form
  • Adding Frequency on Ventilator Settings also adds Respiration Rate to the NEWS2 chart
  • Fix 1: Ventilator and RSI columns in NEWS2 chart update whenever their time changes
  • Fix 2: ClinicianID added to every data point when logged in
December 2, 2021


  • Set the time of physiology NEWS2 columns to retrospectively add data
  • Improvements to offline case management
  • Battery warning for level 20% or less
  • New Chest Compression and Defibrillation interventions
  • “Time Major Haemorrhage Activated” data point on the Bloods form
  • “Tenderness” and “None” options for Findings on Primary Survey B
  • “Yes/No” toggle for Abdominal Tenderness on Primary Survey C which allows area selection if “Yes”
  • Notes sections for Prescription, Rotem, and Lab Request forms
  • “Imaging”, “Test”, and “Speciality” options for Note Type
  • Max value increased to 100 for Fibtem and Extem in Rotem form
  • Columns in Blood Gases form ordered by time
  • Added Cefotaxime prescription
  • “Trauma Set” in the Lab Requests form also selects CRP
  • Terms and Conditions screen appears on every app open
  • Frequency in Ventilator Settings also sets Respiration Rate for that column
  • Fix 1: The hide / expand arrows on Secondary Survey only appear if there are relevant items to hide/expand
  • Fix 2: Blood stack units display start time or time before/since arrival if applicable
  • Fix 3: The Blood data point on Standby / Handover only counts PRC units added on Standby / Handover