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Example Reports

The Trauma App generates a report for printing or automatically pushed into the EPR, with structured and unstructured data feeds available (JSON/FHIR/PDF), saving clinicians time and improving efficiency.

Optional data warehousing allows for richer real-time reporting via MS PowerBI or preferred tooling.

Example PDF Report Example PowerBI dashboard

Research Papers

Usability & Data Completeness studies have been carried out on the Trauma App at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow.

Results show that digital real-time recording of clinical events using a tool such as the TraumaApp is comparable to completion of paper proforma. The System Usability Score for the Trauma App was above the internationally validated standard of acceptable usability.

Research Study 1Research Study 2

Onboarding the app

Introducing the Trauma App into your hospital requires a number of steps in order to safely and securely implement it within your trauma care workflow. We are committed to supporting clinicians tasked with this process. Read our guide and get in touch with any questions or support requests.

Onboarding Guide

Getting started videos

Recorded on January 2022

Bloods Overview

Summary Screen


Full App Overview

Managing Team

Signing in

Dashboard Walkthrough